About Us

Our Story

Tagua by Soraya Cedeno is a globally-inspired, Fair Trade jewelry brand, creating beautiful and unique jewelry to lift up and champion our employees. Based in Jupiter, Florida, our organic Tagua nut jewelry and accessories create a powerful impact in our artisans’ communities in Ecuador, where Tagua nut is sustainably harvested in the country’s lush rainforests.

Tagua by Soraya Cedeno jewelry is not only high-quality, eco-friendly and organic, each fair trade jewelry piece provides unparalleled economic opportunities to our team of Ecuadorian artisans. We provide our artisans with job opportunities, employing and training local artisans to handcraft each piece of Fair Trade, Organic Tagua jewelry.

We love that the single act of hand making an organic tagua necklace or recycled wood earrings can help transform our worker’s lives and support eco-friendly, responsibly-sourced jewelry design. The dignified, sustainable work is empowering, and creates a chain of goodness. Seeing this impact inspires us every day!

Our Mission

Tagua founder Soraya Cedeno was born in a small coastal village in Ecuador known for its talented artisans specializing in Tagua. Organic Tagua Jewelry offered Soraya a unique way to empower and give back to her village in Ecuador and those who inspired her as a child. Organic Tagua Jewelry also allowed her to merge her love of giving back and jewelry with another cause dear to her heart: generating awareness and donations to support those with autism and their families. Her first design, a Tagua puzzle piece bracelet sold to raise money for autism awareness, was so successful that she was able to launch Organic Tagua Jewelry and offer a wide selection of colorful Tagua jewelry both online and in stores. 


Our Artisans

This jewelry is not only organic, eco-friendly and sustainable, its creation provides unparalleled economic opportunity to the artisans who produce it. As a sustainable and responsible jewelry brand, our founders collaborated with the Government of Ecuador to provide business management education and training to empower the artisans with professional knowledge and skills of management, communication and productivity.

We have a very special and direct relationship with our artisans since one of our founders still lives in the village. Our artisans are our friends and neighbors, and we are proud to promote their work. Through direct equitable trade, our artisans are able to eat better, keep their children in school, and invest in their futures, while keeping their traditions alive and vibrant.

The production of our handmade jewelry keeps these families, their local economy, and their beautiful natural environment strong today and for generations to come. 


What is Tagua?

Tagua truly is the wonder material. It is the dried nut pulp of Tagua Palm and it comes from Ecuador.
Tagua is natural, ecological, and sustainable. Its harvest protects the rain forest and elephants as a substitute for ivory, it replenishes CO2 consumption while growing, it is non-toxic, and even edible when fresh. But above all, it is beautiful, durable, and organic.

Our jewelry is made primarily with Tagua. Tagua is a renewable, natural resource sustainably harvested in Ecuador’s many rainforests. We pride ourselves on creating high quality, organic, fair trade Tagua jewelry. When developing new organic tagua jewelry products, we seek to observe sustainability and social responsibility, an approach that respects both nature and the dignity of each individual who harvests its riches on our behalf. We work with suppliers that resonate with our philosophy and empower our team of artisans; we establish durable relationships based on trust, responsibility and pride of craftsmanship. The inside of the tagua nut has a remarkable resemblance to ivory, making it an ethical alternative to both ivory and fast fashion jewelry.

Your purchase of this jewelry helps to ensure a continued livelihood for our artisans in Ecuador. Our every action is motivated by the knowledge that our success is tied to the success of others and the preservation of nature.

Sustainable & Organic Materials

All of our Organic Tagua Jewelry is handmade and dyed using high-grade certified organic vegetable dyes imported from Italy. Our collections offer a wide range of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, figurines, and key chains. Our products are Proposition 65 tested and certified. Due to the scarcity and uniqueness of each piece, no two pieces are exactly the same. Additionally, the colors and/or color combinations available may also vary.


What Makes Organic Tagua Jewelry Different & Unique?

Tagua Seeds

Tagua nut

The Tagua nut grows from a palm tree found mainly in the Ecuadorian rainforests. It is also known as vegetable ivory.It takes the fruit 12-18 months to dry in order to become a hardened, natural nut that we use in our jewelry.




Recycled coconut shells found in the rainforests and coastal parts of Ecuador are used to create unique pieces or to accent jewelry. This material adds a rich, luxurious look and can be carved into various shapes.



Acai Berries

Acai berries are found on palm trees in the rainforest. Once gathered, they are dried out, dyed, and polished to create all natural beads for jewelry.




Pambil seeds are grown on canopy palm trees found in the rainforest. These seeds are gathered, dried, dyed, and polished to accent many jewelry pieces.




Straw known as “Paja Toquilla” is found in the mountains of Montecristi, Ecuador, home of the world-renowned “Panama Hats.”All of our straw accessories are woven by hand.


Bombona Seeds

Bombona seeds grow on palm trees found in the rainforests in Ecuador.They are harvested, dried, dyed, and polished to create unique jewelry designs.




We use recycled pieces of wood that are native to Ecuador to create unique shapes that is used to make earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.