Spring Clearance Sale


      Check Out Tagua Jewelry Clearance Sale

      Here at Tagua by Soraya Cedeño, we believe there is nothing better than beautiful jewelry and a fantastic sale! We are proud to announce our online jewelry clearance sale that includes some of our most famous pieces. These deals are too big to be missed, so make sure you snatch up your favorite clearance jewelry and accessories before they are gone.

      Our clearance collection offers everything from discounted necklaces to bracelets on sale, so you can find what you're looking for right here on our website at the click of a button. One of our main missions here at Tagua by Soraya Cedeño is making people feel confident whenever they walk into a room; that’s why we want to make our jewelry affordable for everyone.

      Check out our clearance sale for the best deals on women’s jewelry anywhere online!

      What You Can Expect From Our Clearance Selection

      Are you looking for eye-catching jewelry that won’t break the bank? Then our organic tagua pieces are the way to go. Our wide range of ladies necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on clearance will leave you wanting more to add to your collection.

      Here’s what you can expect from shopping our excellent sales :

      • Adjustable necklaces
      • Prices as low as $10
      • Casual and formal pieces
      • Easy to buy on our website
      • Real customer reviews
      • Free shipping on orders over $50

      Our sustainable clearance collection is hard to find anywhere else. Tagua is a unique material that can improve your outfit and mood the minute you put our jewelry on. Empowering women and people around the globe is what we take pride in. If you are looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service associates to help you find exactly what you're looking for! 

      The Best Discounted Fair Trade Jewelry for Sale

      Even with discounted prices, we are still proud to be committed to the fair trade movement. When you buy our products, you are supporting sustainable and equitable trade relationships with growing countries. We are dedicated to providing safe working conditions and protecting the environment while giving our artisans the tools to create a sustainable livelihood.

      When you buy from non-fair trade companies, you could potentially be giving your money to fast fashion companies that use non-renewable resources, an abundance of water and energy, and promote child labor. Here at Tagua by Soraya Cedeño, we are on a mission to bring awareness to the dangers of fast fashion by making our best pieces available on sale.

      Take view some fast facts about the fair trade organization:

      • There are approximately 30,000 fair trade products for sale around the globe.
      • Protects the rights of workers, especially ladies who are often underpaid and abused
      • Believes in supporting underdeveloped countries and their people
      • Believes in protect the environment from the dangers of climate change

      Help join the fight against fast fashion today when you purchase jewelry from us! With your involvement, we can ensure that people and the environment are being protected from the harms of global warming. Look your best and feel good about fashion purchases when you buy Tagua By Soraya Cedeno merchandise today!

      Sustainable, Fair Trade Jewelry For the Socially-Conscious Consumer Available Online Today!

      For the socially conscious consumer, the ethical and sustainable acquisition of materials used for jewelry should be of the utmost importance. With Tagua by Soraya Cedeño jewelry, you can be assured that all of our materials are sustainably sourced from fair trade suppliers who care about maintaining the natural balance found in nature. Originating in Ecuador, Tagua by Soraya Cedeño is more than just a statement of the environmentally conscious. This trendy jewelry embodies a unique style and artisan appeal. Each handcrafted piece is colorful and brilliant, creating a unique and exotic look for the wearer. If an eco-friendly and bohemian-styled accessory is something you wish to incorporate into your fashion, then Tagua by Soraya Cedeño jewelry is the perfect choice for you!

      Tagua Jewelry is Handmade, Completely Sustainable, and Trending in the World of Fashion

      Don’t just make a statement with your style — take women’s fashion to another level with eco-friendly and sustainable boho jewelry. Our artisans work diligently to provide one-of-a-kind designs that set our jewelry apart from other women’s fashion accessories. Not only will our pieces convey a style and uniqueness second to none in the jewelry industry, but we also maintain strict standards for the acquisition and manufacturing of all of our products. Tagua jewelry is sustainably sourced and comes from the Ecuadorian tagua nut palm. The nut pulp is remarkably similar to ivory and is dyed using eco-friendly organic vegetable oils imported from the Italian countryside. With Tagua by Soraya Cedeño jewelry, you can be trendy without sacrificing the environment. The sustainable sourcing of materials from fair trade suppliers ensures our natural fashion accessories make not only a statement but also complement your lifestyle. Don’t settle for suspicious brands that promise ethically sourced jewelry but fail to deliver. Trust the artisans of tagua jewelry in creating turquoise-like fashion products sure to catch the attention of friends, family, and strangers alike.