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Tagua & Seed Necklaces

Our handmade Tagua and Seed Necklaces are made from tagua, an eco-friendly sustainable, organic material that comes from the nut of the tagua palm and seeds collected from various plants indigenous to Ecuador. All of our products are Fair Trade and are made from locally sourced, sustainable materials.

Tagua is also known as "vegetable ivory," and is a natural substitute for elephant ivory. The beautiful array of color makes each piece of tagua jewelry unique, and tagua can also be dyed using all-natural products that produce a vibrant rainbow of color. 

Our glossy, colorful and chic tagua necklaces will add punch to any outfit. Dressed up for an elegant look or down for a casual day at the beach, our fashionable tagua necklaces allow you to make a statement with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that also makes a positive impact. With every organic tagua necklace purchased, both the local economy and local conservation efforts within our artisans’ communities in Ecuador benefit. 

Tagua is a natural, organic, and environmentally-friendly material. As a sustainable and beautiful jewelry alternative to ivory, its harvest protects the rain forest and elephants. Tagua nuts are popular for use in accessories because they resemble ivory in texture, but do not harm animals, unlike highly unethical elephant ivory jewelry. Tagua also replenishes the local rain forest’s CO2 while growing. Additionally, it is a non-toxic, 100% sustainably sourced materialit is even edible when fresh. 

We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality Tagua jewelry. When developing our products, we seek to observe eco-friendliness with social responsibility, an approach that respects both nature and the dignity of each individual local supplier and artisan. All of our tagua jewelry designs are handmade and one-of-a-kind. When you order one of our beautiful tagua and seed pieces, you can be assured that not only have you bought a unique piece of handcrafted, fair trade jewelry, but you have also helped to better the lives of one of our talented artisans in Ecuador. 

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