Unique Handmade Tagua Earrings

      Earrings are a classic favorite for all jewelry lovers, and here at Tagua by Soraya Cedeño, we have put our own personal spin to create unique earrings to share with our loyal customers. Just like any other type of jewelry, your earrings should make a statement. We have a wide range of handmade lightweight tagua earrings that are perfect for any occasion. From bohemian styles that are perfect for a beach trip to our high fashion necklaces sure to wow at your next event, we know you will be satisfied with any pair you choose!

      We are proud to provide earrings for sale that can fit any budget! Our discounted jewelry collection has a wide range of handmade necklaces, trendy bracelets, and, of course, earrings for purchase right on our website. At Tagua by Soraya Cedeño, we want you to feel confident while wearing our pieces no matter what.

      Whether you are looking for a gift for a special someone or in need of an eye-popping statement piece, we have exactly what you are looking for — guaranteed!

      Extraordinary Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Earrings

      Why fit in when you can stand out? That is one of our core beliefs here at Tagua by Soraya Cedeño. Our eco-friendly, handmade earrings are trendy and will catch the eye of anyone who sees them. We pride ourselves on helping to save the environment while creating homemade designs that are timeless and sustainable.

      When we create any of our pieces, we put the priorities of nature and our wonderful artisans, who are based out of Ecuador, first. We never use toxic, non-sustainable materials to create our pieces and believe in providing a safe working environment for all. You’ll find that all of our pieces are hypoallergenic and safe for your skin. We believe that dignified, sustainable work is empowering for our artisans and the customers who support our cause.

      What Are Tagua Earrings?

      Not only are our tagua earrings handmade and a rare find, but they are also fashioned from a wonderful material. These earrings are made from the dried nut pulp of tagua palm, a renewable and natural resource from the forests of Ecuador. These fair trade jewelry items are colorful, fun, always produced with the highest quality, and homemade with love!

      Take a look at how Tagua not only makes you feel confident but helps the world!

      • Positive impact on nature and the environment
      • 100% organic
      • Handmade jewelry helps support local artisans
      • Helps people live better, healthier lives around the world

      Proud Fair Trade Earrings Producers

      At Tagua by Soraya Cedeño, we are committed to protecting and reversing the negative impact fast fashion has had on our beautiful planet. We are certified by the international fair trade organization for reaching their standards for producers. We produce all of our products, including our jewelry under $20, in accordance with fair trade environmental, economic, and social standards.

      We are proud to raise the consciousness of consumers with our sustainable jewelry. We will continue to promote eco-friendly products until every fashion company across the globe is on board with making our society a better place. With every purchase of our jewelry, you are not only ready for anything from the beach to the office, but you are saving our planet one earring at a time.

      Buy Trendy Handmade Earrings for Sale Online Today!

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      Tagua by Soraya Cedeño is pleased to provide a wide selection of styles, from bohemian to chic and sophisticated, to suit everyone’s taste. Our jewelry is hypoallergenic and lightweight for your comfort. Contact us to learn more or shop online today!

      Sustainable, Fair Trade Jewelry For the Socially-Conscious Consumer Available Online Today!

      For the socially conscious consumer, the ethical and sustainable acquisition of materials used for jewelry should be of the utmost importance. With Tagua by Soraya Cedeño jewelry, you can be assured that all of our materials are sustainably sourced from fair trade suppliers who care about maintaining the natural balance found in nature. Originating in Ecuador, Tagua by Soraya Cedeño is more than just a statement of the environmentally conscious. This trendy jewelry embodies a unique style and artisan appeal. Each handcrafted piece is colorful and brilliant, creating a unique and exotic look for the wearer. If an eco-friendly and bohemian-styled accessory is something you wish to incorporate into your fashion, then Tagua by Soraya Cedeño jewelry is the perfect choice for you!

      Tagua Jewelry is Handmade, Completely Sustainable, and Trending in the World of Fashion

      Don’t just make a statement with your style — take women’s fashion to another level with eco-friendly and sustainable boho jewelry. Our artisans work diligently to provide one-of-a-kind designs that set our jewelry apart from other women’s fashion accessories. Not only will our pieces convey a style and uniqueness second to none in the jewelry industry, but we also maintain strict standards for the acquisition and manufacturing of all of our products. Tagua jewelry is sustainably sourced and comes from the Ecuadorian tagua nut palm. The nut pulp is remarkably similar to ivory and is dyed using eco-friendly organic vegetable oils imported from the Italian countryside. With Tagua by Soraya Cedeño jewelry, you can be trendy without sacrificing the environment. The sustainable sourcing of materials from fair trade suppliers ensures our natural fashion accessories make not only a statement but also complement your lifestyle. Don’t settle for suspicious brands that promise ethically sourced jewelry but fail to deliver. Trust the artisans of tagua jewelry in creating turquoise-like fashion products sure to catch the attention of friends, family, and strangers alike.