Creative Handmade Tagua Bracelets To Accentuate Your Style

Tagua by Soraya Cedeño started based on empowering others, giving back to Soraya’s village in Ecuador, and a simple bracelet to raise awareness for autism. While we love all of our unique bohemian jewelry pieces, there is a special place in our hearts for our eco-friendly bracelets.  

The first piece and design that Soraya came up with was a puzzle piece bracelet that helped raise money for autism awareness. This piece was so successful that it has been able to help us grow into the sustainable, trendy jewelry company we are today! Now we can share our handmade, beach-inspired tagua bracelets along with our adjustable necklaces with people across the world online and in stores.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Bracelets From Fair Trade Sources

What could be better than a fashionable bracelet that is made with the environment in mind and sourced from fair trade suppliers?

We are committed to creating handmade jewelry that is eco-friendly and sustainable. While jewelry is a small way to help the planet, small changes can make a big difference. There is no reason that jewelry that makes people feel beautiful should be hurting others at the same time. For this reason, we are committed to acquiring all sustainable and recyclable materials for our handmade products.

Take a look at the benefits of tagua bracelets:

  • They don’t promote the exploitation of thousands in the world.
  • They are recyclable, which helps in preserving natural resources.
  • A large selection of colors and styles is available.
  • They are timeless pieces.

Our bracelets are available at any price, from being a part of our clearance jewelry collection to our regular bracelet line!

What Makes a Tagua Bracelet Different?

A handmade tagua bracelet resembles ivory, but it is a dried nut pulp from the tagua palm, which can be found in the forest of Ecuador. With an abundance of materials, including acai berries and coconut, we are able to create unique pieces you can’t find everywhere. From a bohemian-inspired piece to ones to wear to the beach, our trendy tagua bracelets are made with nature in mind while making you look stylish no matter what! 

Affordable Fair Trade Bracelets So You Can Make a Statement in Style

We live on a beautiful planet with fascinating people and cultures. Still, lately, these have been threatened by a disturbing trend of fast fashion and other unethical practices regarding means of production. Ever since we first started, we have been dedicated to the fair trade mission. Fair trade believes in using sustainable materials to create products while promoting fair work conditions and empowering companies to combat poverty and disadvantaged producers and consumers. 

We believe that our artisans from Ecuador make our company who we are at the end of the day, and we help them sustain healthy livelihoods with fair wages and proper work conditions. From our fair trade earrings to our collection of handmade jewelry under $20, all of our beautiful pieces are created with the highest quality and with the utmost care by our talented artisans.

When you purchase from a fair trade company, you promote the fight against climate change while improving the lives of men, women, and children around the globe.

Ethical, artisan-made jewelry 

Our sustainable jewelry is made with playful flair and purpose. With each purchase, you empower local artisans in Ecuador and promote conscious living. 

Unique, beautiful bracelets

Using only sustainable materials like the Tagua nut, coconut, and acai berries, each piece is made with mindfully sourced materials from Mother Earth. 
As each bracelet is handmade with love and detail, no two are exactly the same. Meaning, every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. 

About Tagua: The Wonder Material

The Tagua nut (pronounced TAG-WAH) grows from a palm tree found in Ecuadorian rainforests. It has a similar appearance and feel as the ivory from animals (such as narwhals and elephants), which makes Tagua a vegan and cruelty-free ivory alternative. 

Handmade in Ecuador 

Providing job opportunities to communities in Ecuador is the heart of our mission. To further empower the local artisans in Ecuador who craft our designs, we also collaborate with the Government of Ecuador to provide business management education and training programs.