Ethical, artisan-made jewelry 

Our sustainable jewelry is made with playful flair and purpose. With each purchase, you empower local artisans in Ecuador and promote conscious living. 

Unique, beautiful bracelets

Using only sustainable materials like the Tagua nut, coconut, and acai berries, each piece is made with mindfully sourced materials from Mother Earth. 
As each bracelet is handmade with love and detail, no two are exactly the same. Meaning, every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. 

About Tagua: The Wonder Material

The Tagua nut (pronounced TAG-WAH) grows from a palm tree found in Ecuadorian rainforests. It has a similar appearance and feel as the ivory from animals (such as narwhals and elephants), which makes Tagua a vegan and cruelty-free ivory alternative. 

Handmade in Ecuador 

Providing job opportunities to communities in Ecuador is the heart of our mission. To further empower the local artisans in Ecuador who craft our designs, we also collaborate with the Government of Ecuador to provide business management education and training programs.